Barbara Clabots


 Interdisciplinary               Evidence-based                                                 forward-thinking

Research. Communication. Leadership.

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About me

I am an interdisciplinary scientist focused on improving environmental conservation. I blend this with my passion for gender equality by performing research for the Global Gender Office of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. I'm working to bring the lessons learned from wildlife conservation + international development research back home to the PNW.

As an independent consultant, I have transcribed interviews, engaged stakeholders in state policy processes, and produced communications-- from social media to press releases. Check out communications to see recent articles, data storytelling, and speaking engagements.

As a clean water advocate, I serve the community as Seattle Surfrider's Volunteer Coordinator to improve water quality in the Puget Sound. Through my passion project with the "Hold On To Your Butts" cigarette litter initiative, I mentor young adults in positive outreach methods. 

I have recently turned my attention to using technology for social good-- my focus on learning to code is just the beginning for me. Check out my projects to see what I've learned and what I'm working on.