Barbara Clabots


 Interdisciplinary               Evidence-based                                                 forward-thinking

Research. Communication. Leadership.

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About me

I am an interdisciplinary researcher working at the intersection of gender equality and the environment. 

I lived in remote areas of Costa Rica and Mexico for over 2 years doing research on sea turtles, coral reefs, and fisheries. Everywhere I lived, we were working on endangered species, working in protected areas, and yet-- there was poaching, illegal mining, and unrest over these conservation measures imposed upon communities. So I went to graduate school seeking an answer to one question: why doesn't conservation work? This question led me deep into Southeast Asian gender studies and I never really looked back. While I completed an interdisciplinary marine affairs degree from the University of Washington, my focus area was in applied gender sociology.

Now, I'm working to bring the lessons learned from wildlife conservation + international development back home to the PNW.

As an independent consultant, I have transcribed interviews, engaged stakeholders in environmental policy, and produced communications-- from social media to press releases. 

I have recently turned my attention to using technology for social good-- my focus on learning to code is just the beginning for me. Check out my projects to see what I've learned and what I'm working on. My 'pie in the sky' dream is to measure gender inequality across a variety of sectors, so we can understand what work we really have to do to achieve equality!

I am a clean water advocate not just for wildlife but also for people, as I am a swimmer/paddler/surfer/snowboarder. I served the community for several years as Seattle Surfrider's Volunteer Coordinator and mentored young adults through my passion project with the "Hold On To Your Butts" cigarette litter initiative. Check out communications to see recent articles, data storytelling, and speaking engagements. I have a thousand stories to tell, so I hope you enjoy the ones I've told so far.